Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks - First War of Independence by the Techies?

I have been puzzled by why I have been excited by Wikileaks. The revelations are hardly surprising. When I met my wife-to-be, I realised that for many people Diplomacy is a synonym for Lying - Wikileaks just re-confirms it :)

The cyber-attack on the financial institutions excited me even more. This left me bewildered. Most likely, the excitement has been caused by latent hostility (or jealousy?) towards those with 'greater power and control' over my life.

But one factor has bothered me a lot. I came across a number of students studying computer science and not interested or bothered about programming! Their goal was to get an engineering degree(lying would be a perfectly acceptably social virtue), go for an MBA and get a job with a ridiculous salary - ridiculous at least in comparison to what techies get.

I didn't really care about the financial geniuses or the money they made. Their income bothered me only after even the safe schemes lost money. I was sure that a reasonably smart computer program would have done a far better job and cost much less.

If I invested in the stock market, it was with the clear understanding that it was more like being a part of a pyramid scheme which had only an incidental connection with the fundamentals of companies or growth.

So, my anxiety is that if whole generations of people are desiring to make money from pyramid schemes, are Chinese the only ones who will be producing products? Can the few remaining techies remain unconcerned about money and their savings?

Wikileaks has given a ray of hope. It is time that the power equations in the world change!

Update: Feel really disgusted on reading this.

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