Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bank bureaucracy

I would strongly advise people to make sure that their bank accounts have a nominee. It is even more desirable that the accounts you may inherit also have a nominee.

I have just completed the task of getting the balance in may father's pension account transferred to my mother's account. The paperwork was ridiculous, especially considering the sum of money involved.

I had been procrastinating knowing that I would face some problem. I had to loose my temper which makes me very depressed.

It saddens me that victim of my frustration was a person who seemed very scared of his boss. He wanted to avoid any issue, possibly for himself, by asking me to fill in financial details which seemed totally inappropriate, considering that we had provided enough security from each of 5 people - 3 family members and 2 additional people - to cover much more than the balance in my father's account.

He sent us to his boss, who promised that the money would be transferred by the end of the day.

I feel depressed because in all likelihood the man on the desk may have been a senior manager but his authority must have been minimal. And I probably spoiled his day.

It also depresses me that India does not eat its own dog food - as far as Information Technology is concerned.

I wish someone would teach me how to do tasks which need to be done but are unpleasant!

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