Friday, December 10, 2010

Fed up with the noise about scams

Can't watch Indian tv news anymore without being bombarded by noise. Everyone talks and I doubt if anyone listens.

In spite of so many discussions, I can't seem to find even a tiny bit of information about:

1. Do elections cost as much as we think they do? ( Most likely yes or even more. )

2. Is the money collected by party membership fees enough to run the party and the elections? ( I seriously doubt it.)

3. Do the donations reported by the parties add up to known or estimated expenses? ( Doubtful.)

4. Seems obvious that every political party needs someone who will fill the money gap. What difference does it make who the person is. This role has to be filled if a political party has to function.

If I am a non-vegetarian, I have to have at least one butcher. A goat or a chicken is not going to come and make itself available on my plate!

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