Friday, January 18, 2013

Upgrading to Fedora 18 using Yum - Nouveau causes system freeze?

The documentation for upgrading fedora using yum seems to be much better than before. A very nice script which automates the instructions was terrific. The upgrades of my desktop and the netbook were very smooth. After the upgrade, I installed the Cinnamon desktop as well. It is very nice though I will stick to KDE as I am now comfortable with it.

There was, however, a surprise on the desktop. On booting into Fedora 18, the display vanished and the system hung. The system came up in muti-user mode but not in graphical interface. Gdm was the problem. I switched to kdm. The login screen came and was fine in KDE. However, the system again froze when I tried Cinnamon or Gnome desktops. LXDE worked but the system froze as soon as I started Firefox!

KDE desktop was working with desktop effects disabled. If I enabled them, the desktop froze.

The desktop worked fine with the nomodeset option for booting the kernel. However, it was using the vesa driver. So, the problem is with nouveau driver on "GeForce 6150SE nForce 430" hardware.

Another curious result. The system is working fine with the kernel 3.6.11-1.fc17.x86_64 from fedora 17, which has made it possible to continue with Fedora 18 on the desktop.

Need to reconfirm the problems I faced on the desktop as I did not find a bug report with similar issues.

On Lenovo S10-3, I have so far not faced any issues related to the upgrade.