Sunday, June 15, 2014

Running TamTam Activities on Fedora 20

While preparing an old machine to give to the children of our helper, I had to struggle a bit to get TamTam activities to run. I was using the Sugar environment on Fedora 20. The version of TamTam activities in the Fedora repository was old and did not work.

The solutions were as follows:
  • The file in tamtam/common/Resources/ needs an additional comma in line 62:

    $ diff tamtamorc.csd tamtamorc.csd.orig
    < aindex, atrans, ifreq, iphase, itable, itabdur xin
    > aindex, atrans, ifreq, iphase itable, itabdur xin
  • On the x86_64 systems, in common/Util/Clooper, I needed to run make to make sure that is built for the installed version of csound.