Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just 6 visits later

I returned to the office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths and stood in a queue. My turn came and I was asked to go to counter number 1.

At counter number 1, after waiting patiently, I realised that some pushing and shoving was needed. Finally, a clerk on the window took my receipt and I waited. No feedback, no comment. I observed that he just passed the slip to another person. The person to whom the slip was handed looked out of place. More like a person I may find in a private office. Well, I know we make judgements based on appearance.

I moved away from the window, a little more at ease. About fifteen minutes later, the man out of place called me and asked me to come next day at 11AM. At the delivery counter, I asked. No, the same counter, he said.

Next day, the counter 1 was not open at 11. I was told that deliveries are after 3:30 - come back. I told the security guard that I was asked to come at 11 today. He let me in and I met the Overcoat guy. As he struggled to find my request, I realised that the man out of place had solved his problem by asking me to come the next day. He had no idea what was the status of my request for the death certificates as the papers couldn't be found!

The person from the computer section who had phoned me and told me about the spelling error remembered my case. He helped the Overcoat guy. Some ten to fifteen minutes later, the papers had been found. I waited for another five minutes to be informed of what next. I finally asked the guy in the computer room, who passed me back to the Overcoat guy, who with reluctance got up from his chair and consulted with the computer guy. Finally, that was a Friday and he asked me to come on Monday afternoon.

And I went on Tuesday afternoon and to my surprise, the death certificates were ready and the corrections had been incorporated.

Relieved, I looked up at the heavens and noticed the sign board. It read "Fully computerised"!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update to Ubuntu 10.04

I downloaded the alternate iso for Ubuntu 10.04, mounted it as /media/cdrom and ran the update script.

A couple of hours later, the update was uneventfully completed while I browsed the internet and handled my emails.

I know the update is done as the theme is different and I have to move the mouse from the upper right corner to the upper left corner for closing or minimising a window.

The boot seemed to be stuck for about 10 seconds, but then the graphics display appeared. It lasted another 10 seconds and the gdm login screen appeared. I will explore the changes in the boot process of the new version of Ubuntu. However, signing in and being able to use the system took over half a minute. Overall, the time span from boot to a usable system was a little more than a minute.

And I noticed that the OpenOffice now has the Oracle logo on it.

I use Ubuntu only occasionally at home. I will explore it more at work, where I am curious whether the problems with X and old intel graphics chipset persists.