Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook makes me younger!

I admit that I am not very good at using using Facebook or knowing what it is asking. However, I was somewhat amused by the status update that I had added Padre Conceicao College to my educational qualifications.

How did it happen?

I got a request that some of my Facebook friends have said that they were at the college at the same time as I. It wanted me to confirm that fact. It seemed like a trivial issue and I confirmed it.

Facebook said that this fact has been added to my profile. What! I did not state that. Oh, well. I do not take Facebook seriously so it mattered little.

So, now I have said to the world that I was a student at this college at the age of 55 when in fact my relationship with the friends was that they were in the classes I was teaching :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

User Interfaces and Familiarity

Getting used to a new interface can be hard, even if it not Gnome3 or KDE4.

I just realised it after 4 years of using my car that the petrol gauge is not linear! I haven't been driving much - less than 10,000 KM in 4 years. Even then I felt silly.

These days, I am driving to Ropar (approx 50KM from Chandigarh) thrice a week and noticed that the petrol seemed to deplete rapidly after reaching the midway point. I was thinking whether there is a problem and then I noticed for the first time that there is an icon at the mid-way point. The icon is of a petrol pump - clearly implying that it is time to fill up :)

Oh, well. Works as intended.