Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Roads - Solving the Wrong Problem?

A few days ago, an article reported that we have attained the distinction of having the deadliest roads in the world. The only surprise has been that the statistics are not worse.

Earlier this week, I was moving around in Pune and noticed that there was traffic in all directions. Why?

Next day, I decided to visit my cousin in Delhi on my return. It took two hours in the middle of the day from the airport. On a good day, it takes 45 minutes. We were stuck at one traffic junction for 45 minutes. Why do so many people need to be on the roads?

Should we not be looking at ways to reduce the need to travel?

Children go to school quite far from their homes. A fair number of vehicles at the time of the jam were carrying school children.

It should be easy to rent a place with minimal worries about getting the place vacated when needed. Why force a tenant to vacate every 11 months. My father got his house vacated because he was a retired government servant and that also took a ridiculous number of years! My father had finally filed a court case when his (lawyer) nephew had convinced him - "Has the tenant been bitten by a mad dog that he would leave an independent house in the middle of the town to stay far and pay much more rent?"

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