Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting around an Upgrade Constraint

I love to upgrade but can't compel my colleagues. So, while I use OpenOffice 3, the standard in the organisation is OO2. The documents I need to share are simple but, unfortunately, the indentation of bullets is lost when I create the document in OO3 and it is opened in OO2.

Hence, I use OO2.4 for documents I need to share with others. After installing Ubuntu 9.10, the OO2.4 installed in my personal directory would not work. Library version issue. OO2.4 needed older version of libicu libraries.

I simply copied the desired library files from the 9.04 partition and now both versions of OO work fine.

This again brings up one of the issues with current distributions. Linux allows multiple versions of libraries to exist easily. Should package managers help in keeping multiple version of some products? I believe they should. However, I also realise that it may not be easy add these capabilities into the existing distributions.

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