Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Yes Men and Bhopal

Approximately half-hour of the yes men save the world movie is the most effective documentary on the Bhopal tragedy I have seen.

It was particularly disturbing and depressing to hear the journalist whose claim to fame is that he failed. All his efforts to bring the possibility of disaster to the notice of various authorities failed.

Dow Chemicals paid $2billion to 14 victims of asbestos poisoning by Union Carbide in the US. We are aware of the amount they paid to clean up the Bhopal mess.

The area is still not cleaned up of the pollution.

The link:

The timing of watching this movie was particularly moving. The press, the media, the politicians have all been clamouring for greater punishment for those who headed Union Carbide's Indian subsidiary and, of course, punishing the ceo of the parent company. And if these people were actually surprised by the outcome, they are even more incompetent than anyone could have expected.

If anyone talked about the survivors, I did not hear it. It was lost in the noise.

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