Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Algorithm for stress reduction - HRD Ministry

Board exams cause stress.
So, get rid of board exams.

Students run after marks.
Replace marks by grades.

But what's a grade?
People getting a score in a pre-defined range, get the same grade.
How does that reduce stress?
A single mark does not matter.
But if he/she is on the borderline, then the impact of a single mark with a grade is much worse!

Well, we still need to select candidates for further study on 'merit'.
So, let's have a common exam.

But on what?
Let's have a core curriculum which is uniform across the country.
Just like SAT.

So, we are back to a single exam - but worse.
It is the same across all India and on a well defined narrow range!

Time to open an academy. Lots of money in helping students crack SAT!


  1. Wonder what is the solution. There is the need to evaluate and the need to destress - at odds with each other. (we have been increasing the stress levels of our children... I guess this is also true).

  2. I like to believe that we need to accept stress and help children cope with it. A crucial part will be to find ways by which children can find and focus on what they like or can do. Perhaps even more important - that parents accept that the children may not be good at meeting their parents' expectations.