Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Redhat Sale Evokes Painful Memories

It has been a dozen years since I got a diskless lab created for an engineering college, with a Linux server, of course. It was not just to save money as we used the surplus to set up a multi-media lab of Macs.

The result was a depressing failure. I have consistently had problems with bosses. I can't sell an idea to even my wife much less to anyone else :) Actually, doubts make me doubt myself. I have no real idea of what the future will be! And I have been "that way since 1956"

Within a year, I was no longer handling the department. The new head added disks to the diskless workstations. The Linux server continued to work but only as a mail server. The reason was the future prospects for the students. The market is for Windows. Who needs open source engineers. And, of course, the Macs were not allowed to be used for exploring multi-media as that was not a part of the syllabus.

All this came back to me with the news of IBM buying Redhat for more money than I can imagine.

I need to see A Wonderful Life again, may be many many times :)

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