Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drupal 7 - Creation of Content Disappeared - Problems of Point and Click

I have been exploring Drupal 7,  particularly in trying to control access to creation of content followed by moderation by the appropriate editor. Even though I may be convinced that the level of control sought is unnecessary; but since it should be doable, might as well make it available.

I added the Workbench Access and Workbench Moderation modules. After I had suitably configured everything along with LDAP authentication, I found that the content just could not be created. I repeated the process, without LDAP, and still the same result.

I created a new content type and it worked the way it was intended. I just could not figure out what was going wrong with existing content types.

In a moment of "inspiration", I decided to examine the Navigation menu. As the Workbench user interface includes a tab for creation of content, I had excluded the "Add content" and subsidiary content creation entries from the Navigation menu. The new content type I created had the entry in the sub-menu enabled. Since the parent "Add content" was not in the menu, the child entries were not visible.

I enabled the existing content types in the Navigation menu and the content could indeed be created by the correct users.

Finally - after going around in circles for over a day! In retrospect, that wasn't too bad.

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