Saturday, September 3, 2011

User Interfaces and Familiarity

Getting used to a new interface can be hard, even if it not Gnome3 or KDE4.

I just realised it after 4 years of using my car that the petrol gauge is not linear! I haven't been driving much - less than 10,000 KM in 4 years. Even then I felt silly.

These days, I am driving to Ropar (approx 50KM from Chandigarh) thrice a week and noticed that the petrol seemed to deplete rapidly after reaching the midway point. I was thinking whether there is a problem and then I noticed for the first time that there is an icon at the mid-way point. The icon is of a petrol pump - clearly implying that it is time to fill up :)

Oh, well. Works as intended.

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