Saturday, January 8, 2011

Effective sharing for social networks

I stopped myself from sharing a link thinking that I had already shared enough for the day. There has to be a better way than the current - broadcast to connections or to a group among them.

It is easier for me to categorize what is being shared than to think of a group of recipients. Two broad categories I use are technology and play (to borrow the term from Google reader). If categories were available, I may be less inclined to feel that my quota of sharing for the day is over.

As a consumer of shared information, I may choose to follow, say, only play category from some connections. Somewhat like turning off viewing of twitter feeds in Buzz.

In the Facebook-like scenario, it is hard to ignore a request for being a 'friend' from an acquaintance but it may be useful to restrict the categories he/she may see. It is somewhat like a group but, I think, more amorphous.

Furthermore, as a 'friend', I may choose to see/or ignore posts from specific categories on a connection by connection basis.

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