Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update to Ubuntu 10.04

I downloaded the alternate iso for Ubuntu 10.04, mounted it as /media/cdrom and ran the update script.

A couple of hours later, the update was uneventfully completed while I browsed the internet and handled my emails.

I know the update is done as the theme is different and I have to move the mouse from the upper right corner to the upper left corner for closing or minimising a window.

The boot seemed to be stuck for about 10 seconds, but then the graphics display appeared. It lasted another 10 seconds and the gdm login screen appeared. I will explore the changes in the boot process of the new version of Ubuntu. However, signing in and being able to use the system took over half a minute. Overall, the time span from boot to a usable system was a little more than a minute.

And I noticed that the OpenOffice now has the Oracle logo on it.

I use Ubuntu only occasionally at home. I will explore it more at work, where I am curious whether the problems with X and old intel graphics chipset persists.

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