Saturday, April 17, 2010


What if I have to implement and execute a task with which I am in disagreement? Will I wind up being disagreeable and quarrel with those around me? To what extent will I need to compromise? At work, the customer specs are the final word. In social scenarios, I suppose, relations play role of the 'customers'.

My father went to the Arya Samaj Mandir almost every Sunday. He would try to influence me but I remain an agnostic.

Fortunately, Arya Samaj is quite a bit less ritualistic than the mainstream. I found myself accommodating the desires of my extended family. The priest was also quite modern and understood my position. The actions expected of me were generally more symbolic than ritualistic.

There was, however, one clear advantage of rituals - they kept the mind occupied and distracted, which, I suppose, was the need at the time.

A time machine would have helped more except as Albert Camus writes in The Fall: "It's too late now. It will always be too late."

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