Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fedora 11 - the initial startup experience

The boot time is supposed to be faster. But what matters is what I would see on my system. I checked twice to confirm.

From the grub screen to the display of gdm screen with the same services:

1. Fedora 10: 1 minute 25 sec
2. Fedora 11: 1 minute 15-20 sec

Visible difference will come if the X is started asap and the services get started in the background.

Signing in to the startup sound on KDE:
1. Fedora 10: 35 or so sec
2. Fedora 11: 40 or so sec

So, the usable state of my system continues to be around 2 minutes. This may become longer whenever an fsck on a file system is needed.

For gnome, the signing in time has come down from approx 20 sec to 15 sec. Even then, the effective time for being able to use the system is over 90 sec.

Bringing up the network connections takes time. So, may be switching to network manager may shave a few more seconds.

Using icewm, the signing on time reduces to 5 sec though it takes time for the menu items to show up.

XFCE4 is usable in 10 to 15 sec.

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